Port Alberni Masonic Square and Compass

The History of Freemasonry in Port Alberni, BC
Lodge Beginnings
Arrowsmith Lodge No 62.
Antient York Rite

The first lodge to make its appearance in Alberni, BC, a town named after Capt. Pedro de Alberni, a Spanish Officer in command of a company of soldiers in the expedition to Nootka under the command of Lieutenant Eliza who sailed San Blas on February 5 and arrived in Nootka on April 5, 1790. The dispensation of this lodge was issued by the Grand Master on October 9, 1911 and was instituted by him at an emergent communication of Grand Lodge on October 19 of that year when the hall was dedicated. The charter was ordered by Grand Lodge at the annual communication on June 20, 1912 for Arrowsmith Lodge No. 62 at Alberni, and was constituted by the Grand Master on August 7, 1912. The lodge is named after Arrowsmith Mountain situated due east of the town. This lodge was destined for a very unfortunate demise, for on June 20 1919 Grand Lodge revoked it’s charter.

Barclay Lodge No. 90
Antient Work
American Ritual

After the demise and revoking of the warrant for Arrowsmith Lodge a number of former members of from the adjoining town of Port Alberni and in that district considered it would be fitting and opportune time to commence a Masonic Lodge of Port Alberni. On March 10, 1920, Barclay Lodge No. 90 held its first communication. It was named after the sound on the west coast of Vancouver’s Island and which was named after himself Capt. Charles William Barclay of the British ship Imperial Eagle, sailing under Austrian colours, in 1787. The Grand Master issued dispensation of February 24, 1920 and the Lodge was instituted on March 8, 1920, by the DDGM by the Grand Lodge on June 17, 1920 and the warrant was granted to the Barclay Lodge 90 at Port Alberni, and the lodge was constituted by MW Brother John M. Rudd, acting as the Grand Master on July 17, 1920 at an Emergent Communication of Grand Lodge. The Lodge adopted the American Work as its Ritual.  The lodge  under this warrant was to meet in the upstairs of the Alberni Hardware building, owed by the McKenzie Family, and located on the west side of 1st Ave, north of Argyle Street. Later the lodge built their own building in 1928 at the upper southwest corner of Argyle and Second Ave.

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Port Alberni Masonic Square and Compass